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“MGL GEORGIA” is a fast developing, young, dynamic company. It was founded in 2012 year and represents the Georgian - Bulgarian group. Our company is focused to provide you the high-quality transport - logistical services. "MGL GEORGIA" carries out the international transportation by road, sea, air and rail transport, cargo consolidation of the own warehouse, a set of cargo, the customs clearance services.
"MGL GEORGIA’’ is a member of the reliable and prestigious international and local associations like AFG, FIATA, WCA.
The head office of "MGL GEORGIA" is located in the city Haskovo, Bulgaria, in the offices of Tbilisi, Poti and Batumi, Georgia.
The principal activity of the Bulgarian company's representation is the mixed freight consolidation, which is located on the territory of the European Union, in the city Haskovo and Sofia, Bulgaria at the customs warehouses. The Georgian offices are mainly focused on the exploration of the new markets and its expansion, transportation, planning, management and its organizational support. The office of Poti is focused on the container transportation, the support of customs clearance service.
During the processing of the logistics schemes, it is important for us a reasonable approach to each of our client's request, we will build a specific working scheme with their relation, all orders will be treated individually, our team will ensure the supervision of your cargo door-to-door chain. We will cherish the relationship with clients and respect their needs, solutions. Our business is transparent, while the actions are always open and frank. The priority of "MGL GEORGIA" is the open with understandable relations.

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