International Road Transportation

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International road transportation is one of the emerging and growing directions in the field of freight transportation. Road transportation advantages are fast delivery, optimal selection of routes opportunity, permanent control on cargo and acceptable prices.
"MGL Georgia" is offering you an international organization of the motor transportation service from any country in Asia, Europe and the South Caucasus countries, as well as internal transportation.
International land transport, a full workload (import / export)
Road transportation inside the European Union
Transportation of the cargos, which are under the temperature regime
Transportation of the consolidated cargo (grouping)
Transportation of the oversized cargo
Transportation of the dangerous cargo (ADR,IMO)
Consolidation of the cargo in warehouses
To prepare the documentation about export/import (Euro 1 certificate, ex1)
A short list of the automobile transportation services:
Project transportations:
Transportation of the oversized / heavy cargo
The organization of permits and escorts as well as the local transportation, including the entire transit corridor
To conduct a logistic analysis

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